About Pixsqueaks®

Humble Beginnings

Hi, I'm Kerchie: artist, owner, and one woman show at Pixsqueaks! My small business was born on Etsy in 2014 before it blossomed into its own website. It started out as my senior project in college and has now transformed into bestselling products all over the world.

I first conceived this as a pet apparel business for my senior project. I sewed bowties and shirts for our family dog, Paco. However, I realized sewing wasn't my passion and moved on to the next idea: pet ID tags.

I made a little charm for Paco and that's what kickstarted the entire pet ID tag collection you see today. With practice and experimentation, I discovered techniques with mixed media that allowed me to create these unique products that you can't get anywhere else.


The Beauty in Handmade

I'm very passionate about Pixsqueaks because I see it as my art. I'm very hands-on, literally. I make every single product by hand from start to finish.

As an artist, not only am I creatively fulfilled by using my hands to create something, but you know you're not just getting any commercialized product out there. I feel that my soul extends in each one of my creations.


Bringing You and Your Pet Together

My mission at Pixsqueaks is to provide you with accessories that express you and your pet's personalities. Pet ID tags out in the market are boring, clunky, and fade over time. I believe things can be both beautiful and usable.

My tags are not only fun and 100% custom, but they also provide you with greater peace of mind. You're able to fit a lot more information on my designs than on generic ones out in the market. Did I mention they look so darn cute? And they simply make you smile.

Our pets are our children and best friends. Let's spoil them a little!